Lexie's Creations is a small family owned business. We take our time with each Wax Melt, Tart, and Candle that is prepared .

Discover the power of Upper Echelon scents, carefully crafted to elevate your senses. Our premium fragrances use only the finest ingredients to deliver an unparalleled experience. Experience the benefits of indulging in the high quality and expertly blended aromas.

Each Candle, Tart, and Wax Melt is made by hand. Hand mixed and hand poured. Each candle is tested at least twice to make sure the scent is strong and the containers don't over heat. The wax melt and tarts are also tested for fragrance accuracy and longevity.

Come look around and try out a candle, tart, or wax melt you will not be disappointed.

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